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  • What is the Castello del Nero Estate?

    Castello del Nero is an authentic mediaeval estate in the Chianti wine region of Italy where Tuscan elegance underpins exquisite service. An exclusive, private retreat with no other properties overlooking it, the estate comprises of 300 hectares (740 acres) of rolling hills complete with vineyards, olive groves, ancient woods, two lakes and unobstructed, dramatic views of the breathtaking Tuscan countryside. Commanding a hill top position is the Castle at the heart of the estate, now an intimate five-star fifty-bedroom hotel and spa renowned for offering the highest standards of Tuscan hospitality to those who wish to travel well.

  • What is the Castello del Nero Residences Project?

    The Castello del Nero Estate in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, Tuscany is embarking on an investment programme, to fully restore and integrate its 300 hectare (740 acres), to organic agricultural production to coincide with the exclusive private sale off plan, of five privately positioned 15th-17th Century villas which have been developed to project and planning stage, and are ready to be sensitively transformed and restored into bespoke luxury homes.

  • What is the Residences Project Philosophy?

    The new residence owners can create their own Tuscan dream home to their exact requirements; they will be as closely involved in the design of their homes.

    Each former villa will be completely restored and adapted to the exact personal specifications of the new residents resulting in five luxurious, unparalleled and unique homes that are distinct from one another in terms of style, colour scheme and layout. The Residences promise a harmonious blend of comfort and elegance with grand open spaces, vaulted ceilings, private swimming pools and landscaped gardens that sit seamlessly in the surrounding estate. Each restoration, while retaining authentic Tuscan nuances, will feature the best of modern living amenities and use only the highest-quality materials, while eco- friendly ‘technology’ will be employed throughout the design and structure.

  • Where is Castello del Nero Estate?

    The Castello del Nero Estate is a sprawling estate in the Florentine hills and valleys of the Chianti-producing Val di Pesa. Only 20 minutes from the historic city of Florence and 30 minutes from Siena, Castello del Nero is conveniently located within easy driving distance of several airports:

    – 30 minutes from Florence airport
    – 1 hour 15 minutes from Pisa airport
    – 2 hours 30 minutes from Rome airport.

  • Do you have finance facilities?

    We offer very competitive finance packages tailored to suit individual needs. Please contact us for further information.

  • What Amenities and Facilities are Located Nearby?

    Only at the Castello del Nero Estate will the homeowner enjoy exclusive access to the amenities and facilities of the 5-star Castello del Nero Hotel & Spa (located on one end of the sprawling 300 hectare estate) including an onsite bar, restaurants, spa, and tennis courts; homeowners will also benefit from the personalised assistance offered by the hotel including concierge and booking, shuttle services as well as housekeeping and property maintenance assistance.

    Only a few minutes away is Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, a medieval town with modern amenities while maintaining a medieval character. Here you will find restaurants, bars, shopping, and all the modern conveniences.

    An easy drive to Florence and Siena, two major cultural shopping and gastronomic centers. With the main Tuscany golf course of Ugolino and the shopping outlets of Prada and Gucci just 30 minutes drive.

    For more information, please visit these links: Discover TuscanyTuscany PassChianti InformationFlorence Golf ClubDesigner Shopping.

  • How secure will the properties be?

    Each property will be monitored by 24 hr CCTV to ensure the safety of its residents with additional security staff located on the Estate in the unlikely event should the need arise.

  • Who is Developing Castello del Nero?

    CASTELLO DEL NERO S.p.A. – Company with sole owner – Company managed and coordinated by Rej Investments Ltd. The company has been a leader in the European real estate and hospitality industry since its formation in 1983. Its reputation for excellence and successful track record in European markets is unmatched.

  • What are the Properties Internal Finishes?

    All aspects of the interior design and furnishings of each home will be at the discretion of the homeowner. There will be a strong influence of eco-friendly design in the planning of all heating, electrical and water systems. Only local Tuscan and original authentic materials will be used, thus ensuring that the all original features, architecture and atmosphere of the properties are maintained. The entire process of design and construction will be carefully managed to ensure the highest level of authentic design and quality.

  • Will each Property have a Garden?

    All properties have a private landscaped garden with swimming pool, and an independent secure entrance.

  • Is there going to be a Property Management Service?

    There will be property management services available and managed by the Castello del Nero Hotel & Spa.

    Client Services and Aftercare

    Owners of a property on the Castello del Nero Estate will have the benefit and opportunity of exceptional property management services provided by Castello del Nero Hotel & Spa.

    All management services will be developed and designed for each property owner depending on their personal requirements and needs.

    An annual fee will be established depending on the services required by each owner.


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