San Luigi

A perfect example of a 17th century Tuscan Villa

San Luigi offers expansive views of the surrounding Chianti countryside and faces the rolling landscape of the Castello del Nero Estate and the luxurious Castello del Nero Hotel & Spa. Within a valley surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and beautiful countryside characteristic of rural Tuscany, San Luigi is tranquil and idyllic. View its development here.


Sant' Antonio

Incredible panoramic views of the Tuscan countryside

Located on a small hilltop within the beautiful Castello del Nero Estate, Sant’ Antonio consists of a large single two story residence, flanked by century old cypress trees and olive groves. The property offers magnificent panoramic views of the rolling hills, surrounding vineyards and cypress trees and is steps away from the two scenic lakes on the estate...


Il Ferrale

Characterised by its privacy and tranquillity

Located within the hills of the Castello del Nero Estate with panoramic views of vineyards, olive groves and cypress trees, Il Ferrale’s large country villa with tower and separate guest house overlook one of Europe’s most beautiful and unspoiled sceneries, evocative of Tuscany’s glorious rural tradition. The land around the villa remains untouched by modern intrusion and a variety of flora and fauna are preserved and protected.


Sant' Elisabetta

The most classic of the Estate Residences

Sant’ Elisabetta is comprised of two separate and imposing buildings, providing a primary home and a large independent guest house. Located as the furthest property on the connecting access lane, Sant’ Elisabetta offers an idyllic, tranquil and private location amongst pines and olive trees, yet offering open views over the enchanting rolling hills


San Michele

The largest of the Castello del Nero Estate developments

Situated in a very private location, San Michele overlooks enchanting Tuscan rolling hills and is shaded by the large trees typical of the area. Literally in the midst of olive groves, the two buildings sit close to the estate’s private chapel located at the entrance to the San Michele property, all enchantingly isolated on the hillside.


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